Tablet Inspection Machines

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The Netra VS6 from Accura Pharmaquip is an Automatic Tablet Inspection Machine, Capsule Inspection Machine

The Netra VS6 from Accura Pharmaquip is a cutting-edge technological innovation that allows hands-free, high-speed tablet inspection, defect sorting and reporting that improves productivity and finished goods quality. It brings mechanical, electronic, image capturing and processing, and computing technologies in a compact and seamless solution.

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Eye inspection Versus Netra VS6

Catch manufacturing defects that even the most experienced and sharpest of eyes cannot pick up, and at a speed that a human brain cannot process. No wonder it is called Netra, a Sanskrit word for the eye - to guide, conduct, and miss nothing.

●   Highly accurate inspection
●   Inspection output : 100000 - 150000 per hour
●   Lowest false rejection in its segment
●   Robust built quality
●   Detailed inspection report with rejection pie chart


* Shape * Size Cracks * Chipping * Black Spots
* Dirt * Dents * Rough Surface * Colour Variations

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Inspect every
100 micron of
every tablet

tools for

Analyze 8 defects
of every tablet in

Force Multiplier
for Pharma

Netra VS6's global acceptance and demand in mature markets is a clear statement of superior value. The top-of-the-line customers are delighted with the ROI that is immediately perceptible with a measurable jump in efficiency and defect-control.

● 6 camera vision system  ● Product subjected to 360 degree inspection  ● Every 50 microns of every product is analysed  ● Quickest changeover in its segment  ● Compact design, easy to use & maintain

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Accura Pharmaquip manufactures sophisticated engineering products from a fully equipped, enclosed factory in an industrial area close to the international shipping port near Mumbai. Global companies in world locations import and trust Accura machines at every level of operations. The latest from the Accura stable are research, development and commercial production of sophisticated technology marvels like automated Induction Seal Inspection and Tablet inspection machines successfully deployed in large pharmaceutical companies in India and around the world.

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